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Melitta E 953-102 Caffeo Solo & Milk, Coffee Machine, 1.2 Liter Water Tank, 15

   This product will not work in USA, Canada, Japan and other countries with 100-120V, unless you are using a step-up converter. MELITTA E 953-102 Caffeo Solo & Milk, coffee machine, 1.2 liter water tank, 15. Fully automatic coffee machine, power cable, manual. Choose your coffee strength and the brewing temperature will be programmed - With a single turn you also adjust the amount of coffee to the preferred cup size. For maximum enjoyment, SOLO® uses milk and pre-brewing function - The ground coffee is moistened with water before brewing to release the maximum flavor of the coffee. ...

Stansport Solo Stainless Steel Cook Pot 1 Liter

Solo 10 Litre Stainless Steel Sprayer For Hygiene, Disinfecting & Pest Control

   10 LITRE STAINLESS STEEL SPRAYER FOR USE IN HYGIENE, DISINFECTING AND PEST CONTROL. SUPPLIED BY SOLO SPRAYERS LIMITED. Working Capacity - 10 litres. Total Capacity - 13 litres. 1.2 metres Braided Hose. 35 cm Fibre Glass Lance. Maximum Working Pressure - 6 Bar (90 psi). Extension Lances up to 1.5 metre. So why should you choose us? The service provided is second to none. Supplied by us can always be. Sent back to be serviced and spare parts will always be available from us. Plant supports and watering cans. The item "Solo 10 Litre Stainless Steel Sprayer for ...
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